Magic is what happens when you find balance between method and madness, science and art. Welcome to the Magic Maker podcast, the place where entrepreneurs who want to find magic can access ah-ha moments and simple steps to big dreams. Join your host, magic maker and branding expert J.Nichole Smith as we explore the journey to building brands that lead us to having it all: Freedom, fulfilment and a positive impact on the world!

Tribe workshop: My Tribe story

Tribe workshop: This is my TRIBE STORY Grab your free Passive Income Cheat Sheet For the entrepreneur in pursuit of freedom and fulfilment, perhaps the most important decision we must make is what products we will invest in, build, sell and deliver. These critical...

Build Membership Sites – Why I Build Membership Sites

Build Membership Sites!   I was spending my time in all the wrong ways. A couple of years ago when I was setting about to change my whole life because I got myself into a position where I had started the wrong business, I was completely miserable and knew that I...

Passive Income Ideas 2019 – Replace One-to-One with Passive Income

If you are interested in bringing passive or leveraged income into your business and you’re not really sure where to start, you’re definitely going to want to pay attention because we are going to dive into it today and I’m going to give you some really helpful tips on how to actually make that transition from whatever you’re doing now to having some passive or leveraged income in your business. Let’s make some magic.

Product Launch: #1 Strategy to Launch New Products

Product Launch (Audio/Video) podcasts below: Hey, magic maker. Tell me if this is you? You have all these great ideas and you have a real need to maybe make a bit more money in your business and you think the two might be connected. Like maybe I can make more money on...

Season 4: How do I fund my Freedom?

 Learn how to separate yourself from your business so you can have more freedom! Today I wanted to talk to you about the fourth stage of finding freedom and fulfilment as an entrepreneur, which is all about funding your freedom. My years as a branding and marketing...

Season 3: How do I grow my brand?

 Be a Business Owner who Actually Has Freedom! Today I want to take you through stage three of what I call the 4 Seasons of Freedom and Fulfilment, which gets you from just being a newbie, starting out to a business owner who actually does have freedom. So as a...



These 12 epiphanies (or as I like to call them, ‘the 12 major shifts’), defined a whole an entire year of my life and everything wonderful that has transpired since. It is my belief that as we can adopt and truly accept these fundamental ‘truths’, we get closer and closer to true freedom & fulfilment…



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