Live Events for Entrepreneurs



If life-changing growth is what you’re after, there is nothing more powerful and effective than learning in-person with peers and experts. Well organized events that are crafted to provide education, connection and direct access to speakers can absolutely transform your entire  mindset and business.

A huge part of our purpose is create space for all of the above, so as often as we can. Our events always promise some luxury touches too, because who can access big thinking in a crappy environments?

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You will make back that investment

“At the beginning of this year I made one of THE SMARTEST investments in my business and I attended the Magic Maker Retreat. While there, I set goals, I tackled obstacles, and I made some of the best friends that I now consult with almost daily about the trials and tribulations of my own business.

This was not a small investment, but the good ones never are! If you are serious about getting your annual business and marketing plan under control, consider this retreat. It will be truly life, and business changing and you will make back that investment.”

Planning Retreat Attendee

Magic Maker live conference


What is it: Two-day ‘grow your business’ conference built around the 4 Seasons to Freedom.

Who is it for: Magic Makers: #enchantedrebel Entrepreneurs

Why: Most business conferences have too much testosterone, and at other events, ROI can be hard to measure. At MML you’ll fit in, find your tribe AND get TONS of useful shiz to use right away to measurably grow your business and brand.

When & Where: October 15-16, 2019 – London

Cost: from $699 £499 [Early-bird pricing ends soon!]

Magic Maker planning retreat


What is it: Five-day , six-night LUXURY marketing and business planning retreat built around the 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship.

Who is it for: Magic Makers: #enchantedrebel Entrepreneurs

Why: If you have a business and you’ve struggled to “do it all” and you want to “have it all” there are some major growth steps that make all of this easier…at this retreat not only do we show you what they are and how to do it, we help you start to become the person you’ll need to be to have it all.

When: January 2020 – Location TBD

Cost: from $5999

Magic Maker Mastermind Meetup


What is it: Twice-Annual all-day intensive workshop with Nic and team to deep-dive into the Essential Elements of your business & brand.

Who is it for: Magic Makers: #enchantedrebel Entrepreneurs

Why: We believe we can accomplish more in one day in a room together, than through months of effort stumbling through on our own. These intimate events are less about learning and more about doing, with the support of experts and peers.

When: Summer meetup: August 21, 2019 – Toronto

Cost: from $999 (free with Mastermind membership)