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These days online courses are a dime are a dozen and most of them under-deliver. The ones that DO provide great value, you’ll probably never finish or use, because they simply drown you in overwhelm.

Our courses are different beasts: our curriculum is based on experiential learning and accountability, instead of simply dumping more guilt and tasks on your to-do list…

We don’t teach you to do what worked for us, we teach you how to do what is most likely to work for YOU.


It was the best decision I made this year.

“I highly recommend the MMBA to anyone who has a business or looking to establish one. It was the best decision I made this year.

It has helped me a lot in getting organized, motivated, getting things done, establishing good habits, and having the courage to work through my fears and doubts. I was able to launch my business by the end of the course and run a promotion and I wouldn’t have done so fast without the help and support of Nichole, Dee, and the amazing community in our private Facebook group. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– 2018 MMBA GRAD



WHAT IS IT:  Our signature ‘Grow Your Business’ course to help you
learn, manage and master the 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship.

WHO IS IT FOR: #enchantedrebel entrepreneurs who are desperate to
make more money with more ease.

WHY: Most courses teach a tactic at a time, this course gives you a holistic,
step-by-step formula to ‘entrepreneur’ with max effectiveness.

WHEN: Next enrollment: Fall 2019

COST: from $199/month



WHAT IS IT:  Our signature course to help you discover your ‘big why’

WHO IS IT FOR: #enchantedrebel entrepreneurs who would like to
craft a brand that matters and/ or create more alignment between
what they do and what they love.

WHY: Finding freedom and fulilment as an entrepreneur by building
a brand that matters requires knowing what you matters to YOU: What
you want, what you’re good at, and what impact you want to have.

WHEN: Now enrolling

COST: from $499