Done for you VIP Weekend


In a hurry for your big transformation?

If you’re looking to fast-track your growth, there is no better way than a few concentrated days in a creative space with an expert.

During this time we will get crystal clear on all 4 of your Essential Elements: Your Why, Who, What and Where. By the end, you’ll have a complete, comprehensive strategy to implement with your team, OR you can borrow our team of designers, developers, writers, photographers, growth hackers and more.

Natalia Martinez

We put words into actions

Thanks to our work together we put words into actions. Nichole understands the unique set of challenges we face because she has already faced most of them, but you better be ready to do the work! I trust, value and admire Nic as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist. I can’t say enough about what Nichole has done for us. I feel like we did more in our short time together than what I have been able to accomplish myself in two years!”

Natalia Martinez,

How does this VIP weekend thing work?

The VIP Weekend includes two and a half days of 1:1 intensive consulting AND actual work. We won’t just talk, we’ll dig in and get shit done.

Our time will be focused around creating clarity, communication and structure for your 4 Essential Elements:

Why: Your ‘big why’ – your positioning, your ‘elevator pitch’, methodology and your core brand pillars

Who: Clarifying your ideal client and what they want, need, feel and fear

What: Your three-tier product and pricing strategy – with our ‘easy yes’ formula embedded

Where: Your Channel strategy – where will you build your authority and audience, and where will you sell.

The specific deliverables you’d need most will be decided on during our pre-consultation.  Come visit us in London, or bring Nic to you**, you choose!

What’s included:

  • 1 hr. pre-consultation with Nic
  • Min. 16 hours of 1:1 consulting with Nic during the weekend
  •  1 hr. follow-up consultation with Nic
  • Meals (Usually approx. two dinners, Three Breakfasts & Three Lunches)
  • Surprise Goodies & Gifties
  • Big results in about 1/100th of the time

Sample Schedule:

  • Day 1: Arrive, Welcome Lunch or Dinner with Nic
  • Day 2: Full day with Nic (7 hrs), Break for Lunch, Solo Dinner
  • Day 3: Full day with Nic (7 hrs) , Break for Lunch, Dinner with Nic
  •  Day 4: Closing session with Nic (2 hrs), Send off Lunch with Nic

** This package can be used in London (you travel to us) or in most cases you can bring Nic to you. If Nic comes to you, additional fees will apply for travel, 3 nights accommodation and transport to/from the airport.

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Ask about Upgrades: Add more done-for-you services like design, web development, photography & more!

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