On Demand Consulting

Use it when you need it

The downside of investing in a consultant or mentor that really gets you, is you might become a liittttle addicted to having her around. This consulting package is a great way to avoid going cold turkey – instead stay ‘topped up’ and make sure you have a call available when you need one.

You can set all the call dates when your purchase this package, or just save them for a rainy day – but either way you’ll have priority booking into Nic’s calendar.

Nichole is truly amazing

“THIS is where my new brand and business were born 6 short months ago. J.Nichole Smith is truly amazing in her ability to bring out that thing you love and turn it into a wonderful brand and business. I could not have imagined this by myself, but I could not be more proud of what we have created as a team. The final product is something that is truly from my heart. This has been an amazing journey and I am so excited to see where this goes. I am truly grateful. Love you Nic”

Mary Siani, Thesagehound.com

How can you use your ‘On Demand’ Calls?

The “On Demand” consultation is what we call the ‘Quarterly Pep Talks’ which consists of 4, one hour strategy sessions with Nic, that you can use whenever you choose. Some clients choose to use them quarterly, some choose to simply book them when they need**. Many clients purchase this package when they finish with the Million Dollar Dog Brand Formula or VIP Weekend so they can access Nic if they get stuck.

Possible topics

  • Work through obstacles
  • Plan Upcoming Campaigns
  • Develop Strategic Partnership Strategies
  • Review Creative: Website, Photos, Design, Copy etc.
  • Discuss Book Idea or Proposal
  • Bust through Fear or Overwhelm
  • Review a Launch or Roll-Out Strategy
  • Website Review
  • Or pick one of your own

**Calls should be booked within 1 yr. of purchase

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