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Million dollar dog brand formula

Standing at the base of a mountain looking up, is daunting. Ask the most successful person you know about how to conquer a big mountain, and they’re going to tell you to get a guide: a mentor, coach or expert. If your mountain is about discovering your unique competitive advantage (your ‘why’), building or refreshing a brand, or building a ‘platform’ as an influencer, I can be your sherpa. Get in touch and let’s make a plan to get you to the summit…
Cynthia Chomos

My Sales doubled almost overnight

I’m thrilled with my new branding, website and all your marketing expertise and encouragement to redefine and increase my pricing structure! As a result, visitors to my site have increased and my DIY Catio Plan sales doubled almost overnight. They have since tripled and this is just the beginning! Many opportunities are coming my way and I couldn’t be in this exciting and newly branded space for my business without you. Thank you Nichole. P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new logo! Purrrrrfecto!
Cynthia Chomos, Catio Queen
Catio spaces website before branding website after branding

Brand Consulting for serious entrepreneurs

In the Million Dollar Dog Brand Formula, we spend 100 days (12 weeks) focussed on building or refining your brand with a focus on clarifying your unique competitive advantages and using that to optimize your two roads to more revenue:

  1. More transactions (finding + converting more clients – adding/exploring more products)
  2. Increasing client spend (increasing process and/or average sale)

Our proprietary formula

Allows us to get right to the heart of your unique genius so together we can hand-craft a marketing and business strategy that is sure to help:

Plus, we analyze areas to decrease time-spent and increase profitability so that you not only increase overall revenue, but get closer to your ideal lifestyle too.

Plus, if you need them, you get priority access to my team of artists, designers, developers, writers, editors and digital marketing experts, all of whom are arguably the best in the industry.

Caution: Common Side effects

Include an increase in feelings of freedom & Fulfilment

Beware: Fits of extreme relief & euphoria may follow

12 Weeks of hard-earned clarity, progress & results

Here’s what some of my previous clients have accomplished during our time together (in many cases, my clients have even earned their investment back several times over while we’re still working together!)

What will your big breakthrough be?

  • Creating a new brand / brand name & identity
  • Finding your “zone of genius” or ‘signature product’
  • Strategize, start or finish your Book
  • Record-breaking show or event income
  • Finding clarity and focus
  • Simplified processes, products and communications
  • Finally reaching six-figure annual revenue
  • Creating copy that inspires and sells
  • Pricing that is sustainable and sellable
  • Increase following and engagement on social media
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased blog engagement
  • Gorgeous and effective brand refresh
  • Yummy, effective, “sticky” new web sites
  • Increased credibility leading to prestigious awards
  • More client inquiries from DREAM clients
  • Finding, bidding and booking multi-thousand dollar commercial photo gigs
  • More conversions from web site
  • More monthly revenue
  • More monthly profit
  • Double, triple, quadrupled average in-person sales
  • Six-figure web advertising deal
  • Seven-figure image licensing deal
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Ultimately, your results are you to you. I can’t MAKE you do the work. I can’t FORCE a transformation…but I can give you clear steps, help you avoid mistakes, share shortcuts, make priceless introductions, provide some great ideas, support, inspiration and motivation so the process seems way more simple and exciting plus feels totally aligned with the real you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

How do we know the formula works?

Our confidence is based directly on the success of our clients. Our brand building program is based on 12 years of experience testing various marketing strategies in our own businesses and with our clients in their business.

Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t work…what risks are worth taking and which ones just aren’t. We can push you out of your comfort zone to build the successful brand you’ve only dreamed of, while helping ensure your ideas are commercially viable and market ready.

The proof is in the pudding

Have a look at these Million Dollar Dog brands we have helped build, refresh or refine:

A forever shift in how I do Business

“Nichole, I just have to gush for a minute. Ever since working with you, everything has changed. It’s like a door opened in my brain, and I walked through, and everything on the other side looks different. I’m seeing opportunities for profit EVERYWHERE now. Someone said to me the other day, “Looks like all you hard work is finally paying off”. I thought about it for a second, and I realized, it’s not the hard work, it’s the smart work and what’s so exciting to me…is there’s no going back. I just SEE things differently now. I think about them differently. I think about myself and my time differently. I didn’t have a problem charging appropriately for it anymore. I raised my prices and there was so much demand I have a waiting list! It’s crazy! I just wanted to say thank you again, because if feels like a forever shift in how I do business, and for the first time I’m feeling like I might actually BE in business for a nice, long time. :)”
Jennifer Waters,
Grumpy pups brand before
Grumpy pups brand after


The Million Dollar Dog Brand formula is an extremely well-tested and effective consulting program delivered in three parts, specifically designed to help you define and support your success:

1. Analyze:

Transformation Primer: We have an initial call to discuss the basics of your business. I highly recommend you read the Million Dollar Dog Brand book to prepare you for our work together, and if you haven’t, I’ll assign that as your first bit of homework. Your payment and signed contract will be due at this time and I may also suggest a few other assignments before Part 2, our ‘Kickstarter’ mastermind.

2. Plan:

Kickstarter Mastermind: This intensive 3 hr workshop is delivered 1:1 with me (in London or virtually). We review your pre-work and deep dive into your business, auditing your current situation, identifying your strengths and opportunities for improvement and creating three objectives that will form the outline for your development over the following 12 weeks. Everyone’s goals and objectives are different, but we will aim to keep them both ambitious and realistic

3. DO:

Development: For the following 90 days, we have calls every two weeks to discuss your progress tackle any obstacles you’re facing, work on tactics (copy, pricing, brand deliverables etc.) and determine next steps. Each call will include homework (to do) and meditations (to think about) to help you complete the work required to fulfil your three objectives. We have a hub on Basecamp where you can tick off your to-do list, upload files for my review, and review the recordings of each call (yours to keep forever). During the 90 day development period there is also email support to help you progress between calls.

If you don't ask you'll never know


There are 5 EASY ways to tell if this level of 1:1 consulting is right for you, right now:


Have you tried going it on your own and accomplishing little, or searched for the right mentor who “gets it” (you, your industry, your vision) with mixed or poor results? Have you heard over and over that you need a coach or a mentor and haven’t found one that seems the right ‘fit’, but something on this page has struck a chord with you?


Are you a little obsessed with building something amazing – interested in building a brand and a life where you truly feel free and fulfilled while steadily increasing your revenue and profit?


Making an investment like this should not be measured by the cost, but by the return. Are you confident that with the right help, plan, clarity or new-found energy you will be able to earn an additional $6-12k in your business over the year after we’ve worked together? We like to see our clients make 2-10x return on their investment in this program (and they usually do, sometimes so quickly that they do the program twice in a row!!)


Are you willing to put in the time to uncover your true “why” and start pouring your energy into something that really matters to you and your ideal client? (don’t worry if you’re fuzzy on who your ideal client is or where to find them – we’ll help with that!)


Are you at a stage where you need accountability, clear steps, an expert answers and encouragement to make your dreams turn into something tangible? If you are an entrepreneur, and you answered YES to at least two of these questions, then chances are, Million Dollar Dog Brand Formula is the perfect fit for you. Get in touch. If we still have an open seat, we will collect your deposit, and book our first call… and thus begins the beginning of the most exciting chapter yet of your life and business!

Van Zeiler

Nichole is our most important Business Asset

“Nichole is tremendously skilled and intuitive and has helped us accomplish all of our goals and set the stage for immediate and continued growth. Having worked with larger “do it all” agencies on previous projects, working with Nichole was like a breath of fresh air: she is nimble, relentlessly clever and has been our single-most important business asset for the last two years. Rarely have we felt that our money is as well-spent as it is with Nichole. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Van Zeiler, Victoria Stilwell,
Victoria Stillwell

If you don't ask you'll never know