One-to-one Consulting


When DIY just isn’t enough

Sometimes there is just no replacement for good ol’ fashioned one-to-one. We have put TONS of time, energy, love and magic into building communities, courses, online workshops and events that will help you achieve your big dreams and desires. These resources are wonderful, but sometimes what you need to really move forward, is the one-to-one support, accountability and advice specific to you and your business and brand. When this is true for you, one of the consulting programs below might just be exactly what you need to grow!

When only the 1:1 help of an experienced mentor will do

Million dollar dog brand book cover

Big projects with Nic


12 weeks with Nic through a big project like a brand refresh…

J Nichole Smith Consulting

VIP Weekend with our team


Get 3 months worth of work done in two days. In person…

No more excuses! Get your butt in gear