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Fresh. Compelling. Empowering. Real.

Nichole has been engaging with female entrepreneurs and pet businesses for over 10 years. Her approach to keynotes, break-out sessions and workshops alike, is rooted in honesty, humor and action.
As an author, photographer, designer, marketing strategist and serial entrepreneur, Nichole’s insights into the mixed-up worlds of creativity, self-employment and marketing are comprehensive and unparalleled in the pet industry. Her abilities to connect with her audience, consistently deliver ‘ah-ha’ moments and leave us empowered to take on the world, are a delight to behold.

Nichole favors results-driven presentations that center around entertaining stories from a fascinating decade as a female entrepreneur. At any workshop or speaking engagement Nic is a part of, you can expect generous helpings of road-tested strategies for finding freedom and fulfilment by achieving scary goals, taking big leaps, earning serious money and discovering and building your dream life.

2018 Events: Come Say Hi!

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo

Orlando, Florida | Guest Speaker

Tuesday, March 20, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Room W204A

Workshop Title: Marketing for Profit: Pet Business Bootcamp

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Past Speaking Engagements of Note


Women in the Pet Industry Conference 

Portland | Speaker

“The Secret to Finding Your Creative Genius and 5 Simple Ways to Make it Pay”



Telford, UK  | Speaker

“The Secret to Finding Your Creative Genius and 5 Simple Ways to Make it Pay”

Two Routes to Revenue and How to Leverage Them”

Popularity, Profitability and Power… the Secret to Having them All”

Turn your business into a brand