Meet Dee


Me me me

I am a collector. I collect issues. And then I overcome them. I used to just have Foreign Dad Syndrome, Confused Cultural Identity, Always Cold and Dyslexia. Soon I added Fear of the Dark, Weight Management, Anxiety, Divorce and Female In A Patriarchy to my growing repertoire. If this sounds like you, and you would like to learn from my over-compensations, we are going to get along just fine. My point is we know how to help you because we have been through it too!

I am 50% Belgian and 50% Palestinian. I am 100% both. I have lived in Belgium, the States, the Netherlands and, since I was 7, in London or thereabouts.

I have a BA in Education, Environment and Society from Kings College, London. I then got my MSc in Sustainable Development and have worked for many years  in the charity sector ever since. Much of this time was spent on events, fundraising, marketing and communications, and operations.

I joined Nic in this amazing adventure (because that it most definitely is!) in 2018 and now my commute has shrunk from 3hrs a day to a 0.2 second walk across my garden to my garage-now-Magic-Maker-HQ.

They call me the Whelmerer

Things get tough, hey? As entrepreneurs, we are used to being able to do it all. But we want to get to the point where we don’t have to do it all. After all, we chose this path, perhaps leaving comfortable corporate jobs, so we could have freedom and flexibility, not endless sleepless nights and premature grey hairs, right? So let me help you find a way to make the over (and under) whelming, well, just plain whelming again.

The other job title that I have been playing around with is the Executioner, but it oftentimes gets misunderstood.




Sounds creepy, right? I meant it to. What I really mean though is that I will help you get all those things done that you procrastinate, don’t know how to do yet, or just plain don’t wanna. I will help you with your daily rituals to set up achievable to do lists, factoring in your self-care, and finish work at a reasonable hour every day so you can relax and do all the things you said you were going to do more of when you became an entrepreneur.

I will help you formulate your strategies and plans, and WTF!!! actually stick to them.

If you can’t figure out what you are doing, how to get started, how to develop, what the purpose of your business, or if you just want to have a good crant (me and my friend Chrysso invented this word, it’s a coffee and a rant), book in with me. I love you already.




There are loads of business consultancies out there. But we are like you. We are women with busy lives and responsibilities. Half of us have children. We have pets and partners and family and we love them and want to spend more time with them. But real time where they get the best of us, not when we are haggard and stressed and our mind is elsewhere. We swear, because fuck’s sake, life is hard sometimes. We don’t mind admitting that sometimes we work in our pjs all day because it is that time of the month, and no that doesn’t mean we can’t be just as awesome, but it does mean we want to be comfortable and not put our bra on today. We cry sometimes because we know it strength, not weakness, that enables us to show our vulnerability. We are human. We kick ass and take names, but with kindness, passion and empathy.


What can i do for you


And finally

Because it is important for you to know this about me, I have a frenchie called Lola, a little terror of a cat called Butters (yes, as in from South Park) who is guaranteed to make an appearance on our calls, and a disabled snake called Bumblebee Tuna (points to you if you get that reference).

Also, I have met Marlon Brando.