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Self-employed and feel like you’ve built yourself a job rather than the freedom lifestyle you were hoping for?

Stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfil you and you dream of building a business instead?

Have a job AND a side hustle business, but you’re just not sure how you’ll ever be able to replace your salary.


 What is a Magic Maker & how do I Know if I am one?

J Nichole Smith

My name is J.Nichole Smith

But you can call me Nic. I believe that as humans, time is our greatest resource and we aren’t meant to spend it “hustling” or “crushing it”. In my universe, doing good, being real and finding happy are the definitions of success.

As a marketing consultant, artist and author, I help entrepreneurs find their ‘big why’ and apply it: building brands that matter instead of just businesses, to fund a lifestyle of freedom, fulfilment and ease.   Read more…


Are you an entrepreneur who has big dreams for your life, and high hopes for the planet we share?

If you want to create freedom and fulfilment as your own boss, but find juggling life, family, work and those asshole voices in your head quite a lot to handle, then you’re going to love the practical insights and inspirational tips Nic delivers in her short, weekly, Magic Maker podcast episodes… Listen Now



When you’re a brand, marketing is easier, more fun less expensive and more effective. You can build more demand, chart more profit, and stand out in crowded spaces (not to mention make yourself very hard to compete with!)

BUT a brand is only as powerful as the business it’s built on. The first step to a brand that buys your freedom, is a business that pays the bills…

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