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J Nichole Smith

My name is J.Nichole Smith

But you can call me Nic. I help entrepreneurs find freedom & fulfilment by building brands instead of just businesses.

Freedom is a word that gets thrown areound a lot these days, but it’s not just a buzz word, it’s my #1 obsession.

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Your business is not your baby.

It exists to support you, not the other way around.

Warm Fuzzies

Nichole possess a unique combination of creative skill, entrepreneurial passion and marketing savvy. These talents have developed her into a unique thought leader who can bridge traditional strategies with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Here at P.L.A.Y. she has literally crafted our brand from the ground up – creating our logo, designing and photographing our products, creating some of our most successful slogans and campaigns and generally shaping our brand voice to be authentic and unique while resonating with our target market. Nichole is a tremendous asset to any organization she is a part of. I can say with confidence that hiring Nichole is one of the best decisions we have made.

-Will Chen, Director, P.L.A.Y.,



Nichole has an incredible gift for storytelling. She has an exceptional skill for helping ensure our brand voice remains consistent, compassionate and decidedly human. Nichole is tremendously skilled and intuitive and has helped us accomplish all of our goals and set the stage for immediate and continued growth. Having worked with larger “do it all” agencies on previous projects, working with Nichole was like a breath of fresh air: she is nimble, relentlessly clever and has been our single-most important business asset for the last two years. Rarely have we felt that our money is as well-spent as it is with Nichole. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Van Zieler, Victoria Stilwell,



THIS is where my new brand and business were born 6 short months ago. J.Nichole Smith is truly amazing in her ability to bring out that thing you love and turn it into a wonderful brand and business. I could not have imagined this by myself, but I could not be more proud of what we have created as a team. The final product is something that is truly from my heart. This has been an amazing journey and I am so excited to see where this goes. I am truly grateful.

-Mary Siani,



“I am soooo happy with my new brand, the new website and your encouragement to increase my pricing! Between the new website, branding, and keyword optimization, visitors to my site have increased AND my sales doubled almost overnight! This is just the beginning but I couldn’t be in this wonderful new space for my business without you…thanks again”

– Cynthia Chomos, ‘Catio Queen’



Nichole, Thank you so much for your time last week. My session with you was not only life changing, but empowering as well. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and inspiration.

-Aly, The Animal Scientist

Women in the Pet Industry logo
I really enjoyed meeting you at the WIPIN Conference. Your session on Finding Your Creative Genius was the best at the conference. Just like you, our brand was inspired by a dog we rescued. Our family has wanted to make a video about it for the longest time because people would always tell us that ours was one of those stories that “sticks with you” and now, thanks to you, we have finally filmed it. I used a lot of the tips you presented. I just wanted to share it with you and say THANK YOU!!

-Conference Attendee, Women in the Pet Industry

Million Dollar Dog Brand is one of those books that just keep giving. You read a chapter, are wowed, read another and find more real-life advice that will actually work. I’ve followed the author’s work for a couple of years now and even knowing what she’s is capable of teaching, I am still blown away by the depth of Million Dollar Dog Brand.   You learn how to infuse your business with your passion for dogs (pets) in a way that is authentic AND profitable. This is NOT one of those “how to resale other people’s stuff for profit.” This book is how to share your passion and dreams with other pet lovers and be able to sustain yourself while doing so. THANK YOU, Nichole, for sharing your wisdom!

-Kathy Dannel Vitcak, the Blissful Dog,

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